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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whose Name is Worse Than Mike Hunt?

What were his parents thinking?


  1. Maybe Dick Works is worse, I know a guy by that name.

  2. In the mid 80s through the mid 90s I had a current rock format I named "Untamed Radio." It ran in close to a dozen markets. Some of the stations were already fully-staffed rock stations that made the format adjustment. Others were changing from a different unrelated format and one was a brand new sign-on. One woman whose first name was Gail became Hurrican Gale. A guy that liked golf became Chi Chi Coverdale. Chi Chi for the golfer Rodriguez and Coverdale for Dave of Whitesnake. A traffic reporter was named Judy Jetson. As more stations picked up the format, the names became more adventurous. Among them: Connie Lingus, Phil LaCio, and -yes - Mike Litoris. It was an "in-your-face" high energy rock format that would mention the competition by name. A rival station had a morning show hosted by Dan Cox. We started calling people who listen to his show "suckers." Pretty soon, listeners referred to them as "Cox suckers." Not a single person ever complained about those names. Those who listened to the station were not offended. I also figured that anyone finding those names offensive would not be listening to a station playing Guns N Roses, The Cult, Poison, and Lita Ford

  3. Man I think Mike Hawk is the worst name I've seen so far xD