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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turn Off The Toaster- Tech Support Solutions

After receiving many emails and comments about the rising trend of mediocrity and ineptness of businesses and their employees, I thought I would share this one.

A friend recently moved into a new apartment and was in need of an internet service provider. After researching the options, the best choice for him was an ALLTEL internet card. It is a contraption inserted into the side of your laptop giving the user the ability to get the internet ANYWHERE,ANYTIME....or so he was told by the ALLTEL salesperson.

The unit worked flawlessly for several days. The third day, Brian was unable to get a connection in his apartment. He made a call to ALLTEL tech support and was told that perhaps someone in his building was using a toaster. A toaster? (Mrs Kacharkus, could you please turn off your toaster?...or pack it up in Abdul's handbag and get the hell out! see 3-1-09 post)

Brian utilizes the internet primarily for email and/or Facebook so it wasn't imperative to get connected at that time. He was able to connect in most other places without a hitch but not in his apartment. He called several days later to report it again, (surely, whoever was using their toaster, should be finished by now). He also explained that he had "no problems" elsewhere.

The gentleman at ALLTEL asked, "Does it work outside the building?"
"Do you own a car?"
"Yes.I have a van." He answered slightly baffled. Why would this matter, he thought.
"Why don't you go sit in your van when you want to go online?"
What a great idea! Thank God for tech support! Except he lives in Cleveland and it's 14 degrees outside!

Does anyone else see a recurring theme? Stupid people HAVE jobs!


  1. So I was in a McDonalds drive-thru last summer. I was thristy and just needed something to drink.

    I ordered my medium diet coke and the cashier asked, "Do you want it to go?"

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  3. Do anyone here know about the IT support watford services, I want it for my company.