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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Which Liddy is the Real Creep?

Huffington Post named Edward Liddy as Creep of the Week. Understandably, since he attempted to justify the AIG employees bonuses and lavish spa treatments after US taxpayers bailed out the failing company to a tune of $170,000,000,000.

The bonuses awarded totaled more than 164 million dollars, with some individuals receiving more than $1,000,000. These bonuses were given to the very people who put AIG in their predicament in the first place. Are they crooks or just stupid people rewarded for their stupidity?

He claims the spa treatments are "standard practice in our industry." So I would like to hear from any one out there who works in the insurance or financial services industry and regularly receives "spa treatments".

Creep of the Week, Edward Liddy hales from New Jersey. G. Gordon Liddy, who is a CREEP alumni (Committee to re-elect the President) and convicted felon on charges relating to his Watergate involvement is also from New Jersey.

Does anyone know if these Liddy creeps are related?

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  1. Yeah, we are all related.
    TallGrass Creepy