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Monday, March 16, 2009

My Living Will

My friend, Lori, sent me this note:

Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her,

'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.'

She got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine.

She's such a bitch.....

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  1. You are too funny.

    My Uncle was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease about 15 years ago. Knowing he was in for a long, slow death, he asked my dad to get a gun and shoot him if he got so bad that he didn't know anyone.

    My dad was disturbed by his request and said, "Andy, I can't do that."

    My uncle said, "I would do it for you."

    To prove his point, Dad walked over to the pickup and took his shotgun out and lifted it toward his brother, and Uncle Andy exclaimed, "Not now dammit!"

    Life-ending stories can be bitter, but they can also be sweet.