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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Experience at Texas Roadhouse

Last night my father, son and I decided to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Brooklyn,OH.
When I returned home I realized that my wallet must have fallen out of my purse so I called the restaurant to ask if any one had found it.

I was put on hold and was made to listen to the obnoxious Roadhouse music. After several minutes, maybe 3 the hostess picked up and gave the usual salutation as if I had just called. I then asked her if I could speak to my waitress, Leah. I was again put on hold. My son, who is 9, said, "Let's just drive back." Good idea since it is a 5-6 minute drive. I drove back with my cell phone still stuck in my ear waiting for Leah.

Leah got to the phone as a pulled into their lot. I told her I was already there so I was going to come in and take a look.

When I walked in, I mentioned my situation to the hostess. She knew that I was just on the phone and told me to wait "here" at the hostess station.
"No, that's okay," I said, "I'll just go take a look near the table."

Our table was probably one of the farthest from the door, and when I got within two tables away, Leah cut me off at the pass.
Leah nervously stated,"My manager said there is nothing we can do because there is already a party seated there."

I thought WTF does that mean but said, "I'm here, I'll just check."
"No, I am getting the manager." The threat was similar to that of 'telling the teacher'. Off she ran, so I went for it... the criminal trying to steal a wallet.....oh wait it's mine.

I explained my plight to the party of 5 adults at the table. The 2 gentlemen, on the side where I sat, felt into the back of the seat cushion. The one got up as I peered into the dark (and by the way, dirty)abyss under the table.

Success! I found my wallet with the $250.00 still in it and all my credit cards.

I felt bad for disturbing their meal so I offered them a $20 for their trouble and assistance. They refused and ultimately shoved back into my son's jacket pocket.
We made it out the door before Leah returned with her manager.

Is this ridiculous? Does anyone know if this is their corporate policy? Would you be offended if someone lost something and disturbed your meal? Let's be serious ..this isn't fine dining for God's sake ..they serve peanuts in a bucket!


  1. Chalk it up to the decline and fall of western civilization.

    Chances are the manager on-duty - or it could go all the way to the franchise owner - hasn't provided his employees any quality control on how to handle situations like these. The wait staff was probably told the usual "don't do this, don't do that" and "you're responsible for the bill if someone skips out of paying for it" - but not a word on common courtesy.

    The worst part is that all of Cleveland has become that way. The last few times I've been downtown I've had put up with rude people representing businesses that couldn't care less about quality control. A city like Cleveland should bend backward to be nice. Instead, they go the opposite way and drive away the remaining few still trying to support downtown businesses.

    I think it will only get worse. As the economy continues to sour, lots of people will take out their frustrations on others, and eventually it becomes a domino effect of discourtesy. People tend to treat others similar to the way they've been treated.

  2. Well Michele, I too have had experiences similar to this, I think these "young employees" have absolutely no idea how to handle a situation like that, it may be simple to you and I but for them it's like "duh...??" because they have no common sense or common courtesy, I'm scared for our future if these morons are gonna be it, God help us...LOL

  3. Hi Jeanne that is exactly what I told my friend yesterday. I shutter to think what this world will be like when these idiots are in their 60s.
    Was your experience at Texas Roadhouse too?

    Thanks for stopping by

  4. First of all, hooray that you recovered your wallet. I'm sure that no one would ever mind being disturbed in that situation. The waitress probably just wanted to cover her a$$.

  5. This is really a funny story. And you are right, peanuts on the floor doesn't make it fine dining.

    I get so frustrated with the service (or lack of) that I am tempted to write a guide for restaurant managers who want to train their staff. I would start off by telling the hosts to spit out their gum and smile.

    Thanks for the blog. Glad I found you.