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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fat Chick: the New Chic?

Flipping through the television stations, I stopped at a very large woman getting assistance off a scale. Tyra announces that this woman weighs in at 513 lbs(233 kg)! Barely able to walk, her husband assisted her back to her seat on the couch while tears were streaming down her face. (Okay, I would cry if I weighed 513 lbs. but not for the same reason) She thought she would have weighed 600 lbs. Her lofty goal is to reach 1000 lbs (455 kg) and it was upsetting to her,that she is only half-way there. So you are going to cry about it ...get serious! At what point does one set a goal like that? When I grow up... I want to be a Fat Chick!


  1. I guess I need to work harder, I'm less than one-fourth of the way to her goal. At least she will have a big heart when it is all over.

    You crack me up! Thanks for having your sense of humor!

  2. I am so glad you appreciate me...I will not write another word until you return

  3. What? She wants to weigh more? Sad, sad, sad. The crap they put on TV!

  4. Hey Michelle!
    Jeeeeezzzzzzzzzz! Television is hardly worth watching these days you know??? The only people I've seen that big were dying! There are a lot easier ways to kill yourself than eating yourself to death!! Gosh, isn't that called "gluttony"??
    take care my friend,
    Julian :)

  5. Dedene & Julian

    You got that right. TV is all crap. I wonder where on Earth they find these people.