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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TOP TEN: Customer Service Via Telephone

One would think that with all the stupid people I have come across this week, I would not be experiencing writer’s block. Since I can't seem to write anything substantial, I have decided to incorporate the events of the last week into my “Top Ten” Pet Peeves when dealing with customer service via telephone....

10. If I already punched in my account number why do you ask again when you answer?
9. When I call, why does it seem your computers are running “slow today”?
8. Putting me back on hold for 10 minutes does not mean I will go away..I am a persistent bitch!
7. If you don’t know the answer ... don’t make one up!
6. Is there anyone there that speaks English a little better than yourself?
5. “Your name is Mike?" (Bob, Joe, John etc)
4. Why do I have to “press or say” account number, name, etc. through several menus before I can speak to a real person? (Note*I’ve found a solution for this one, if you start cussing you will be asked by the friendly automated voice “Did you say agent?”)
3. Assume that I have already attempted the simple things first before I called you. No need to go over the 'obvious'.
2. “Oh, you only know the ‘obvious’ then I will need to talk to the supervisor for help.”
1. “So... you’re not any smarter than the last person, just that you started a few weeks before him so you got to be supervisor.”


  1. Customer service is an oxymoron these days

  2. These are so true!

    I love it when they can't understand my key words. It is as if I should be speaking with no Rs or Ls, so I can match their accent.