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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What To Do With The Black Jelly Beans ?

Truth be told, I despise black jelly beans. The fruit jelly beans are delicious, but I have never cared for the taste of anise, whether it is in Ouzo, Sambuca, Pizzelles or candy. Prior to Easter I ordered Fruit Jelly Beans from Malley's candies only to find that it included the little black ones. The bag of fruit beans was devoured within one day post- Easter. What should I do with the dozen or so licorice flavored that lie at the bottom of the candy dish? I was thinking of making jewelry.(please send me your black beans)

Can someone tell me, when did Anise become a fruit?


  1. Hey Michelle! I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee black jelly beans!!! Like you , I love all the rest, but, not the black ones! lol
    I think they taste like medicine remember taking when I was just a little kid.
    I think you could save your black ones to make eyes on your snowmen during the winter time. I don't know if jewelry will work, because I know for sure I don't want to smell like a black jelly bean!!!!! LOL
    take care my friend,
    Julian :)

  2. You send your black jelly beans to me. I love them. The only fruit jelly beans I like are Jelly Bellies. Given a bowl of jelly beans, I will pick out of the black ones (my teeth are so attractive when I eat them).

    Haven't you hear of a Anise patch? They are kinda are like paw-paws except more tasty and they don't have a song written about them.

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  4. Feed them to your dog. Dogs love anise. Laugh as he tries to lick the jelly outta his jowels. Ha ha ha!